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Netflix shows to inspire your next move

Most of us don’t need an excuse to watch Netflix but we’ve got some binge-worth shows that can also help you sell your home! Yes, that’s right, we’re encouraging you to take a break, put your feet up and get streaming, all in the name of research of course!

Whether you’re in the mood for a serious documentary or drama-filled show we have something for everyone! From decluttering to home staging these Netflix series will inspire you into transforming your home ready to sell or guide you through the task of turning your new house into a home.


Interior Design Masters

Do you enjoy a spot of interior design? These aspiring designers compete against each other to redesign a variety of indoor spaces including, homes, shops and restaurants. Remember if you’re thinking of selling your home, less is more however if you’ve just moved in there are so many colours and trends to choose from. TV shows, social media and magazines are great sources of home décor inspiration.


Amazing Interiors

Proving the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” this show will leave you shocked, surprised and sometimes scared! Some of these interiors are truly works of art, they may not give you inspiration for your own home but it might inspire you to renovate a property with your own unique ideas. You won’t find any of these homes on Rightmove, but you’ll certainly want to watch until the end.


Selling Sunset

We’ll let you into a little secret, Sunset Selling is our guilty pleasure! Following the team at one of LA’s top brokerages, the million-dollar properties are simply insane and the drama is equally as outrageous. Once you’ve got over the mammoth price tags and commission fees the ladies at the Oppenheim group know their stuff and although your budget might be a little lower they demonstrate the true power of home staging.


Tiny House Nation

Taking “downsizing” to the extreme this show travels around the US helping families preparing to live in hyper-customised mini homes by downsizing their space to upgrade their lives. Now, we may not see many of these styles of homes here in the UK however, downsizing is popular with empty-nesters who are looking to save money on upkeep and bills. Get ready to fall in love with these seriously impressive tiny homes!


Marriage or Mortgage

Only in America could the concept of this show exist, a wedding planner and a real estate agent competing to win the hearts and budgets of spouses-to-be. Intrigued? Well, you’ll need to watch to see if they pick fairy-tale nuptials or a dream home, we know which one we’d choose!

We’ve shared enough shows to keep you occupied for a while! Perhaps watching a few of these have inspired you to sell, if so call our team on 01223 811101 for a free market-led valuation. If you’re still hungry for more check out The Home Edit, Dream Home Makeover and Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo.