Is It To Early For Christmas (1)

Get your garden ready for summer

Spring has sprung and as the weather gets warmer and the days get longer you’ll soon be spending more time in your garden, but there are a few essential jobs to do first. The British winter weather and storms have really hit our gardens hard, but it’s time to take a deep breath in and step outside to spruce up your garden ready for the summer.


The Big Tidy

Before you do anything you’ll need to tidy up your outdoor space. If your home is anything like ours you’ll have leftover leaves, garden furniture and even a goal post sprawled over the garden as a lovely reminder of storm Eunice! Once you’ve cleared everything away you can begin to create the perfect summer space.


The Lawn

Your lawn will now be in its growing season so mow it regularly to keep it in good health, ideally when the grass is dry for a better finish. If the bad weather has left your lawn a little bare then spend a couple of weeks now weeding, seeding and watering, you’ll be surprised by how quickly it will grow back leaving you with a luscious green lawn.


The Soil

Prepare your soil for germination by digging and raking it to remove all weed roots and create a fine surface. Choose your seeds to sew from wildflowers, herbs and sunflowers, you can even start to plant your vegetables such as potatoes, asparagus and onions.


The Seating Area

Whether you’ve got a patio or decking you’ll need to get rid of that winter grime using a stiff brush and pressure washer. If that job is a little too strenuous for you there are plenty of local businesses who provide this service leaving your seating area looking like new.


The Bargains

Garden furniture and accessories have hit the shops and there are some serious bargains around to snap up for your newly spruced up garden. We know it’s been a tough year on your bank accounts but if you’re planning on spending time in your garden or entertaining at home more this summer then you should treat yourself to some new garden accessories such as a fire pit, outdoor rug, parasol or hanging chair.

We have been longing for some alfresco dining or evening drinks in the garden so now it’s time to make sure your space is summer-ready. If you’re sprucing up your garden to sell, you can call our team on 01223 811101 for a free market-led valuation.