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Finding “the one” together

So you’ve fallen in love and are looking to buy your first home together. Deciding to buy a property together is a little daunting and exciting as you take that next step as a couple. As far as commitments go, buying a home together is pretty huge but this big moment in your life can create a fantastic foundation for a lifetime of happiness.

From figuring out your finances to agreeing on the type of home you like, there’s a lot to think about so before you make any decisions take a little look at the things you should consider first.


Find out how much you can afford

You’ll need to find out just how much you can borrow together, we suggest using a mortgage advisor who can help you navigate all of your options as well as discuss how much you’ll need to save for a deposit. Interest rates and the cost of living are currently rising so ensuring that your budget is right is important for now and in the forthcoming year.


Figure out your expenses

In addition to your monthly mortgage repayments, you’ll need a good understanding of other monthly outgoings such as your household bills, insurances and subscriptions. Other expenses to consider are moving costs, solicitor’s fees and home furnishings and décor expenditures. This is your first home together so don’t leave yourselves with too little money left over to enjoy your life as a healthy balance is important.


Create a new home wish list

It’s a good idea to have a wish list in place divided into two groups; must-haves and desires. Consider including your preferred location, property type, number of bedrooms, parking requirements and outside space. As agents it’s good for us to have this list for when we search for your new home, we can ensure that the must-haves are achieved and may even find you a home with some of your desired preferences.


Listen to your head and heart

Loving your new home is essential and forms a great foundation for your future happiness as a couple. When looking at properties listen to your head as well as your heart. If you need more time to save for a deposit don’t rush this process as the right home will be out there for you when you’re ready.


We are here to help as you and your partner find “the one” if you have a property to sell or you’d like to tell us what you’re looking for in your new home call our team on 01223 811101.