DIY Home Staging Tips

The definition of home staging is: Preparing the home for a potential buyer

When selling your home you will naturally tidy each room, open curtains, turn on lights and make sure your home is smelling fresh but that’s not enough. To ensure that your home appeals to more buyers you need to strip back your personal style and allow buyers to picture themselves living there.

Research shows that a staged home can increase its value by up to 10%, these simple but effective DIY home staging tips can boost your value as well as help your home to sell faster.


Focus on kerb appeal

Kerb appeal is exactly what it says on the tin, how does your home look from the kerb? We all know how important first impressions are so tidying up your front garden is essential to impressing potential buyers before they even step through the front door. Consider painting your front door, sweeping away any leaves or debris and hide away any wheelie bins.


Give every room a clear purpose

Are your rooms multi-tasking? By this we mean are they being used for several purposes? For example, is a bedroom also a makeshift laundry room? Does your dining room double as a workspace? When you’re trying to sell your home we recommend reverting each room back to its main purpose.


Clear the clutter

Unfortunately, clutter is a part of every home, it’s those little items that don’t have a home that seems to make a room feel cluttered especially to potential buyers. To gain the feeling of spaciousness try removing half of the items in a room it will also help to make a room look cleaner and buyers can envisage where they would put their belongings.


Stimulate the senses

Scented candles and soft music can create a peaceful feel as potential buyers walk around your home. Don’t forget about your home’s temperature too, open a window in the summer or set the heating to a nice temperature for winter viewings.


Add plants, lighting and mirrors

Plants will add life to a room, mirrors will reflect light and lights will brighten dark spaces. These finishing touches are the difference between subtle and memorable and are easy and cheap to do.


DIY home staging is affordable and easy to do. If you have a property to sell and would like a market-led valuation call our team on 01223 811101.