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RMR’s Home Hacks

Let’s face it we’re all looking for ways to improve our everyday life, so much of our spare time is spent cleaning or tidying our homes, so to speed up the process here are some of our home hacks for you to try out. Some may come in useful for when you’re preparing your home for viewings!


Radiator Radiance

Admit it, who has already put their heating on? Well, there’s a handy little trick involving your radiators that leaves your home smelling like clean fresh washing. Simply pour a small amount of fabric softener onto a clean sponge and rub it onto your radiators, as the heating comes on it releases the scents throughout your home.


Don’t Cry Over Crayon

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to avoid having crayon on your walls if you have children but fear not you can remove the crayon by heating up the marks with a hairdryer that will soften the wax enough for you to just wipe it away.


Badly Behaved Blinds

Blinds make your home look great but not when the dust builds up! Cleaning them can take time and effort but all you need is a pair of kitchen tongs, a clean cloth and you’re good to go! Use your DIY duster to ensure your blinds are cleaned efficiently every week.


Coffee Cleaner

When you (or a potential buyer) walk into a room you will immediately notice marks on a tv screen, to remove any dust or dirt use a coffee filter. This tip works better than a cloth as they create static and actually attract more dust!


Great Grapefruit

This might sound a little unusual but using half a grapefruit and sprinkling some rock salt in your bath will remove and soap scum and bathtub rings as well as leaving your bathroom smelling lovely!


Tackle The 3 T’s

If you’re caught off guard by a visitor or viewing remember to tackle the three T’s; Television, Toilets and Tabletops. These are areas that people will notice the most so wiping these surfaces swiftly will avoid any embarrassment.


If you’re preparing your home for sale it’s not just about “cleaning”. Don’t forget to declutter and depersonalise your home to allow potential buyers to envisage themselves and their belongings living in your home. Open blinds to create as much natural light as possible or turn on lights/lamps in darker spaces.

Let us know how you get on with our home hacks or if you require our property knowledge then give our team a call on 01223 811101.