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Home staging ideas inspired by your dream holiday


Unfortunately due to the pandemic, our dream holidays have been just that, a dream! With lockdown restrictions finally lifting, we can start to book staycations and vacations with our friends and family. We often arrive praising our accommodation for its elegance and style, but instead of simply posting pics to Instagram, why not take note and inspiration to help you stage your home beautifully for sale.  Yes, let's steal some secrets from luxury hotel designers.


Dramatic first impressions

When you drive up at a hotel you get a slice of what to expect inside, from the manicured lawns, well-kept gardens and beautiful exterior, you can’t wait to enter and see what awaits you.  As you step inside your eyes are darting left to right and up and down to try and take everything in.  So why shouldn’t your home give the same dramatic first impression, get your buyers excited before they have had time to take a look inside.


Timeless décor

Interior trends change, you only need to look at the décor styles over the years to know that what was hip one day is not the next.  Hotels are costly to decorate therefore they choose palettes that are elegant and often have a timeless quality such as luxuriously neutral shades and those which are harmonious such as taupes, a favourite of top interior designer Kelly Hoppen. Warm greys, rich browns and even black are often used to create the feeling of timeless elegance.

Potential buyers don’t want to be looking at a property they know they are going to have to decorate throughout simply because of the owner's choices.  Keep it timeless and try and stick to only two to three colours throughout your home.


Heaven awaits

Your bedding can change the whole perception of a room, it doesn’t need to be expensive to give the feeling of elegance.  Try using neutral plain shades rather than patterned such as hotel stripped bedding that may have a single coloured accident around its borders.

Match the accident colour with additional cushions and a throw to give it a real hotel feel.  Don’t forget to keep your bedside tables clear of clutter, and think about adding a vase of fresh flowers to your bedroom to finish the room off.


Create space

You can create the illusion of space by cleverly placed lighting and mirrors.  Large mirrors are an effective way to add depth and light, such as a free-standing one in your bedroom.  Think about making sure that the lighting in the room is evening balanced, not only does it make the room feel more inviting but it also helps to give the illusion of more space.


If you’ve swapped your summer holiday for a house sale then our team are on hand to help you from valuations to home staging. You can contact our sales team on 01223 811101 or email