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5 New Year’s resolutions for your home

We’re ending 2021 much as we did in 2020, learning to live with the pandemic and spending more time at home. Many of you might be planning on making New Year’s resolutions for yourself but what about your home?

Here are 5 resolutions to help your home run a little more smoothly as we head into the New Year.


1 – Routine

Back to school and back to work is the perfect time to create a routine for the whole family. Set aside time for homework, dog walks, family games and mealtimes. Allocating chores for each member of the family means everyone has their own age-appropriate task allowing the house to run smoothly and frees up time to spend time together.

2 - Clear Out

Who doesn’t love a good clear out? Whether it's toys, clothes or kitchen cupboards, getting rid of unused or unwanted items can not only help clear out your home but your headspace too. Opening a wardrobe, toy box or cupboard can instantly give you that overwhelming feeling that is simple to treat. Starting in the kitchen, clear out items that have passed their expiry date, restock staple items and create a pile that you could donate to a local charity.

3 – File away

Running a home comes with a fair amount of paperwork, similar to running a business, this paperwork needs to be filed away to help you throughout the year. Household bills, insurance documents and other personal paperwork should be kept in a file to be found easily when things need to be used, paid or updated. We love using tabs to keep everything in its place and it looks pretty too!

4 – Cleaning

Once the decs have been taken down it’s the perfect time to give your home a really good clean but what about your cleaning routine for the rest of the year? Decluttering and cleaning experts recommend that you clean room by room, tackling one room at a time finding homes for new items and cleaning each space before moving on to the next room.

5 – Schedule Maintenance Jobs

The weather has created several unwanted maintenance jobs around the home but instead of trying to tackle them all at once create a list and prioritise them. Certain jobs need to be completed at particular times of the year, with outdoor tasks being left until this horrible weather dies down! Gutters, windows, chimneys, gardens, décor…we could go on, can all be added to the list or call a professional where needed.


We’re looking forward to a busy year and our team are on hand to offer support and advice for those of you who are looking to sell or let a property. Before you make a start on any big jobs in the hope to help your sale talk to our team first, a simple coat of paint or declutter could be all you need. You can call our team on 01223 811101 or email