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10 ways to be more eco friendly

Be honest, how eco-friendly is your home? Protecting the planet from man-made damage is becoming increasingly important and there are several ways that you can make sustainable changes to lessen the negative impact that your daily life usually contributes to.

You can become eco-friendly in different areas of your life but today we are focusing on changes you can make around your home whether it be a small change like changing your light bulbs or something bigger like installing solar panels.


  1. Recycle where possible

We hope you’re already recycling but take a closer look at what is actually recyclable in your home as you might be surprised. Cosmetic containers. Eyeglasses, mobile phones and even plant pots can all be recycled.

  1. Use eco-cleaning products

Although we have been cleaning our homes more than usual have you actually looked at the chemicals used in most of your products? As well as affecting the environment repeated exposure of these cleaning products can affect your health. Opt for green cleaning products that use more natural methods of cleaning and will still leave your home sparkling.

  1. Buy eco-friendly toilet paper

Whether it’s recycled or bamboo, this simple swap can make your bathroom instantly greener! The average home uses 127 rolls of toilet paper per year so swapping for a more eco-friendly choice really does help the environment and more options are becoming available even amongst the well-known brands.

  1. Turn of electricals

Energy conservation may seem so simple but it’s one of the most important things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. Stop needlessly leaving your electrical on standby, hit the off switch and watch your energy bills get lower.

  1. Eat less meat

We’re not telling you to completely give up meat but even reducing how much red meat you eat each week can have a significant impact of reducing your carbon footprint. You only have to scroll through Instagram to see just how many different and delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes are out there.

  1. Don’t waste food

It’s surprising and quite worrying to learn that 7.3 million tonnes of food is wasted every year in the UK. This isn’t just a waste of food or money but it’s adding to the amount of CO2 being created in landfills. Consider creating your own compost to create a natural fertiliser for your garden.

  1. Use LED light bulbs

If you haven’t already then it’s time to swap your light bulbs for LED bulbs that will not only last longer but they’re far more efficient too. LED light bulbs are now also available in a range of brightness and designs to suit each room in your home.

  1. Insulate your home

Insulating your home is not just good for the environment but it can help to significantly reduce your energy bills. As we head into the colder months it’s a good idea to insulate your home wherever possible including your attic, windows and doorways.

  1. Grow your own

You’ll be helping the environment and saving you money by growing your own fruit and vegetables, this is becoming a popular trend and can be done no matter what size your garden is. Whether you’ve got an allotment or a balcony you can start to grow your favourite fruits, vegetables and even herbs.

  1. Switch to renewables

To ensure that your home is eco-friendly you can choose to switch to an energy supplier that’s 100% renewable. You can also look into installing solar panels which not only help you save energy but can earn you money.


By making even just some of these changes around your home you can become more eco-friendly. If you would like to have a market-led valuation of your home you can call our team on 01223 811101.