What buyers are looking for in their next home

Prospective home buyers are now returning to the property market, but has what they are looking for changed since lockdown? The coronavirus pandemic has ensured we have all spent considerably more time at home over the past few months. This has allowed house hunters to think carefully about what they’re looking for in their next home, as well as inspiring others to move.

With Rightmove declaring that their site visits have increased recently, it’s important to understand what buyers are looking for to ensure that your home stands out from the rest. Before you request a market-led valuation from our Sales team, here are a few selling points to consider highlighting in your home.


More Space

Moving to a bigger home has always been a popular priority with buyers, whether they’re taking the next step up the property ladder, or their family is growing. Lockdown has emphasized our need for space, some may be looking for a property with room for a home office, or perhaps a child’s playroom. When staging your home for sale consider highlighting the space that you have, and even giving rooms a purpose to allow potential buyers to envisage themselves living there.


Less Space

Bigger isn’t always better, some homeowners have found themselves rattling around in their property during the lockdown period, and have realised that they’re not using all of their current space. Downsizing is just as popular a reason to move, and since we’ve spent so much time at home, moving to a smaller property can release equity. Allowing for more time on holidays, or with family, or preventing you from wasting unused rooms.


Outdoor Space

Our gardens have become a sanctuary for us all. Spending time together, and more recently meeting up with family and friends in your outside areas. Buyers have become used to, and enjoyed spending time in the garden. Tidying up your outdoor space can be done over a weekend, and doesn’t have to cost the earth. Make your garden more appealing by mowing the lawn, power washing the path and patio, and keeping the weeds at bay.


Space Location

Location is always high on a home buyers list of priorities, the reason for this is simple. The condition and price of your home can always change, but its location can’t. Following the effect of the coronavirus, buyers may now be looking to live closer to family and friends, as well as the other popular reasons such as work, schools and transport links.


If you’re selling your home, or are looking for a new house to call home, contact our Sales Team to discuss your next move. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge of the local property market for advice and support when selling or buying your Cambridge home.