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Top 5 searched words by buyers and renters

As we approach the end of 2020, Zoopla has revealed the top searched terms by home hunters over the past year. This research uncovers what buyers and renters are looking for in a new home and the ongoing pandemic has certainly had an effect on the results. If you’re selling or letting a property it’s interesting and helpful to know what buyers and renters search for so that you can highlight these areas in and around your property.


Top 5 searched terms by buyers

  1. Garden
  2. Garage
  3. Parking
  4. Detached
  5. Rural


Garden takes the top spot for most searched terms and we’re not surprised! This year we have all spent a great deal of time in our homes and particularly making the most of our gardens during lockdown. Your garden, no matter of its size, became an extension of your home where you could be safe yet enjoying the outdoors. Owning and garage or space for off-road parking is appeals to potential buyers for several reasons. Parking on a drive or in a garage can lower your car insurance, it means you always have a place to park and a garage can double as a storage space as well as potential to convert to living space. Privacy, neighbours and noise are just three advantages of owning a detached home. Buyers who are stepping up the property ladder are often in the search for a certain lifestyle that comes with a detached property. You can’t get much more socially distanced than a rural home, who doesn’t love the idea of being secluded even when there isn’t a pandemic!  


Top 5 searched terms by renters

  1. Garden
  2. Parking
  3. Garage
  4. Balcony
  5. Pets


Similarly to buyers, renters now also appreciate the advantages of having a garden. This additional space can improve your health, bring the family together and provides a place to entertain. Parking and a garage have been switched around in this list of most searched terms but it still proves the importance and desirability of having a safe place to park your car. If a garden is not possible when renting, a balcony is the next best thing. This extra space might be small but still allows you to relax, store items or even grow some flowers or vegetables, keeping you happy and healthy. Making the top 5 is ‘Pets’ which has seen a surge recently. Pet-friendly homes are very popular amongst renters as we have become a nation of pet owners with over 50% of adults in the UK owning a pet.


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