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Jobs to do during lockdown

Whether you’re in a local lockdown or are self-isolating, why not use this time to tackle those jobs you have been putting off! The Coronavirus has meant that we are all spending a considerable amount more time in the home. During the Summer we were able to enjoy time in the garden, however as Winter approaches we’ve found some jobs that you can do around your home until the pubs re-open!

Refresh a room with a lick of paint – Spending more time at home has led to a huge increase in paint sales, homeowners are painting rooms to help sell, or even just for a change. From neutral tones to bold colours, a simple change can make a huge difference to a room.

Sort out the attic – Hands up if you’ve been dreading going into the attic. You’re not alone, the attic is usually a space for items that you just can’t part with, yet don’t need on a daily basis. Yet every now and again it could do with sorting out. While it’s raining outside spend some time decluttering your attic.

Have you tried upcycling? This creative process transforms unused and unwanted items into new products. Look online for inspiration, you’ll be surprised with what you can do with an old piece of furniture, giving it a new lease of life for your home, or to sell.

Update your child’s bedroom – Is your child into the latest fad? By simply updating the curtains, lampshades, and accessories you can change the whole room without breaking the bank.

Browse through memories – How many photos do you have on your mobile phone? Most of us are hoarding thousands of pictures of our friends and family without ever actually printing them off. Enjoy your memories by making albums of special moments like birthdays, days out and holidays.

DIY jobs – From loose cupboards to leaking taps, spend some time this lockdown to finally tackle the DIY jobs that you’ve been ignoring. Make a list before you start as there’s probably more to do than you first thought!

Deep Clean – Forget about spring cleaning, the coronavirus has meant that we all must keep ourselves and our homes extra clean. Play your favourite album on full volume, open the windows and give your home a thorough clean.

Declutter – No matter how many times a year you declutter, somehow there are always things to throw out, sell, or donate to charity. From old toys and books to expired products in your kitchen cupboard, there are plenty of rooms for you to declutter leaving more space for living.

Clean your oven - With Christmas approaching now is a great time to clean your oven. There are several products on the market to help you get your oven sparkling, all ready for your Christmas roast.

We’re inviting you to take this opportunity to improve your home whilst you’re in lockdown, these improvements could increase your property’s value, as well as help you pass the time a bit quicker. If you’re looking to get your property on the market please contact our sales team to book a free market-led valuation.