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How clean is your home?

Now that the whole world has been affected in one way or another by the Coronavirus, we’re sure that you have been taking precautions to keep you and your family safe. While washing your hands and humming the Happy Birthday song twice is a simple step to stop the virus from spreading, you can also ensure that your home has received a deep-clean in order to help keep you safe.

Whether you’re going to work, to the shops, or doing the school run, you will be coming into contact with many people throughout your normal day. See below for ways in which you can limit the spread of germs.


Door Handles – Cleaning your door handles regularly is important, it is believed that the virus can survive here for up to nine days. By wiping all handles, drawers, and bannisters regularly with an anti-bacterial spray, or wipe, can leave less space for any harmful bacteria.


Remote Control – If your home is anything like ours your remote control will be passed around by everyone in the family. Therefore, this should be cleaned regularly, with a cloth, using distilled vinegar or probiotic cleaner.


Children’s Toys – With schools and nurseries still open in the UK, your child, and their friends, could be passing on unwanted germs via their toys. We always encourage our children to share, but this also means that toys need to be cleaned more than usual. Avoid any unnecessary play dates until the virus begins to calm down. Some toys may be cleaned in the dishwasher, or washing machine at a high temperature.


Laundry – You may have been washing your towels and bed-linen at 60 degrees for some time now, but you can also kill harmful germs by using the tumble dryer, this is advised for at least 28 minutes. Hanging laundry out in direct sunlight is also an adequate way should your home not have access to a dryer.


Washing Up – Crockery, utensils, cloths and brushes are popular areas where the Coronavirus can survive for up to five days. It’s advisable to use a dishwasher where possible, or if washing by hand use thick rubber gloves, and very hot water.


Mobile Phone – Your mobile phone probably goes everywhere with you, which means it’s likely to be harbouring germs, in turn transferring them from your hands to your face. Avoid sharing your phone with anyone, wiping it over at least twice a day.


Clean, then disinfect- To reduce the risk of germs spreading around your home, you should be cleaning, then using a good disinfectant. Cleaning removes all germs, the disinfectant then kills them. Surfaces that are used every day should also be cleaned every day.


Rest assured we will be using extra precautions during all viewings throughout the coming weeks to ensure your safety. If you have any questions about buying, or renting a property, in the Cambridge area, please call our team on 01223 811101.