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3 Ways to boost your sale this spring

Traditionally, spring is a good time to sell your home – the better weather is pushing through, along with new potential buyers joining the market. To give your sale a boost, we have shared some tips for selling during this busy season.


Spruce Up

Make first impressions count from your front door through to your garden. This will appeal to more potential buyers via the photographs online, and continue to their viewing. Whether your home is suited to a family, first-time buyers or professionals, keep it in mind when staging your home to sell. Give each room a clear purpose, not only tidying but also thinking about whether rooms need painting. Spot any repairs needed and depersonalise the property, clearing away your personal items and pictures as much as possible.

By looking at your property through the eyes of a buyer you can spot small but significant areas that need attention. Simple DIY jobs should be completed, and think about lighting, how a room smells and its function. Your garden can’t be left out when sprucing up your property; simply mowing the lawn, sweeping the paths and jet washing the patio or decking can make all the difference.

Sort Out

You don’t have to be a self-confessed hoarder to appreciate that you probably have too much “stuff” that not only won’t need to make the move with you to your new house but may also put off potential buyers. By having a good sort out of your belongings you can reduce your clutter, creating space in each room. From wardrobes, to kitchen cupboards, to toy boxes you can sell, donate or simply throw away many items that you either don’t need, want or use.


While you’re at it, keep aside any paperwork that you may need for your sale. These documents are sometimes kept in a “safe place” which isn’t always easy to remember, so be prepared by finding any paperwork needed to confirm your identity, deeds and any work that you’ve had done.

Spring Clean

Our course it goes without saying that to improve your chances of selling you’ll need to give your home a thorough spring clean. It’s easy to miss or avoid certain places when cleaning but when it comes to a viewing potential buyers will look everywhere. Are your windows sparkling? Does your fridge smell? Is your bathroom spotless?


Spring cleaning doesn’t just end at your home. Many areas in Cambridge are taking part in the Great British Spring Clean, an annual litter campaign initiated by Keep Britain Tidy to help improve the environment on your doorstep. If you’d like more information on how you can take part visit Keep Britain Tidy.

Make the most of a spring bloom, lighter evenings and even some sunshine by getting your house on the market this spring. For advice on your home’s value, contact one of our team on 01223 811101.