Why You Must Let Your Head Have A Say When Buying A Home

Why you must let your head have a say when buying a home

We would probably all admit that we’ve made an impulse purchase in the past, that must-have item that grabbed our eye and we decided on the spot we couldn’t live without.  Many buyers have the same impulsive thoughts when it comes to buying a property, which is why we believe that you must let your head have a say when buying a home.


First impressions


From the moment you walk towards the property, something inside you starts to flutter.  Its gorgeous exterior draws you in and you can’t wait to see what this house has to offer.  The door opens and you’re not disappointed. As you walk through each room, you’ve already made the decision that this is the one! 


Before you rush to make an offer, remember this is just like a first date, you’ll be seeing things through rose-tinted glasses. You need to weigh it up – yes, it may be stunning but that doesn’t mean this is the right home for you.  Rushed decisions can seem amazing at first but, over time, your feelings may change and instead of revelling in your new home you start to feel regret. 


It’s easy to be swayed by a good first impression, especially if the property is what you envisaged, but have you considered that your perfect home could be something you hadn’t expected?  This is why when it comes to buying a home you must, of course, listen to your heart but you must let your head have its say.


The wild card


It’s important to try and view a variety of properties when you begin your search, and we ask you to trust our judgement.  You may wish to say in your comfort zone of properties and location, but once we understand what it is you’re looking for, we will challenge you to discover a new area or style. 


We want to find you that home that isn’t just good for the short term, but a place you will be happy in 12 months’ time.  Life is unpredictable. Who knows what is in store? We want to ensure that the house you choose is one that you’ll continue to love no matter what changes around you.


What’s in the piggy bank?


Don’t assume that because the house you’re buying is picture perfect you won’t be itching to make some changes when it’s in your hands.   No matter what home you purchase, there will be unexpected expenses, and if you’re taking on one that requires work you need to be financially prepared for what that entails.  Before you agree to buy, do your research and make sure there is extra in the pot for those jobs that can’t be seen.


Be practical


When buying a home you’re also buying into a community and its amenities – can the area provide you with what you need?  Frustration can start to set in when things are lacking or your commute becomes a nightmare.  Are all your family catered for?  Will this house enhance your daily life not hinder it? 


Your intuition is important and you should never ignore how a property makes you feel, but there’s more to buying a home than just a feeling.  To make sure you make the right decision, allow your head to have a say.


Let us take you on a journey outside your comfort zone and show you a selection of properties you may not have normally considered, you never know what you may discover.