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The truth about my Jerry Maguire Moment

For those of you who have seen Jerry Maguire, you’ll probably be shouting ‘Show me the money’ right now.  Before founding Rees and Associates Property Management I had been working for two large letting agencies who had a similar outlook.  The work was great, but just like Jerry Maguire, I couldn't escape the simple thought that I hated my place in the world.  I loved what I was doing but believed that fewer clients would enable us to provide a higher quality of service to both our landlords and tenants.


It’s a hard decision to make, taking the leap from security into the unknown, but I knew that to do so would provide me with what I felt was missing.  A property management company isn’t about the properties we manage, it’s all about the people.  Our landlords are often time poor and they need to know they can trust us implicitly with their investment, especially as many live overseas.  We don’t know what issues we will come across as we manage their property, and we’ve seen many things over the years.  But it’s how we deal with these issues, and the swiftness of our approach that helps establish trust.


Managing fewer clients means that each and every landlord gets the attention they deserve.  They’re not just a number on our books; they won’t speak to a variety of staff every time they call or email.  Our landlords respect consistency they know that each of our team will know their name, their property, and its history.


 A small team doesn’t mean we don’t have big resources, and our track history is testament to this fact. “The service has been excellent, without exception - further highlighted by the fact that I live overseas and I have never met Mr Rees personally, only by phone.”


The way we conduct business, honestly and with integrity, is what I set out to do from day one, and I’m proud that we haven’t wandered from that path.  It isn’t just our relationships with our landlords that is of importance to us.  Property management is the coming together of landlord, tenant and agent.  Sadly, many may have had a terrible experience in the lettings industry. 


Often tenants can be made to feel as though they are unimportant, and their concerns are ignored. Their unhappiness can create an unhealthy amount of stress for all involved.  There is no set way to manage a property; every property has its own unique quirks, each tenant their own story, but this is also the joy of our industry.  There is nothing more rewarding for myself and my team than seeing a successful tenancy; knowing that all parties are content reaffirms our purpose.


We all have our ‘Jerry Maguire’ moment in life, even if you may not take a leap as big as mine. I believed there was a better way of conducting business and, 20 years later, we are as strong as ever, proof that you don’t need a big team and enormous marketing budgets to be successful, just a focus on what truly matters: our clients. 


Why not give us a call today? We may not have you at hello, but you will not find another shark in a suit but a company that hasn’t forgotten what is important.