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The heritage factor when selling your home

Located around four miles north-east of Cambridge, our office is set within the stunning and historical village of Stow-Cum-Quy.  The village began as two Roman hamlets, Stow and Quy, which joined together in around 1100.  Like many of the buildings in the village, the Village Hall has had a former life, and to many people what went before is just as interesting as what stands today.


Every home has a past, whether it was built hundreds of years ago or within the last century, there is always a tale to be told that will bring the four walls to life. Your home’s heritage is what makes it special. Just as you are who you are because of what you have experienced, your home is what it is because of those who have lived there before.


Each past owner will have added a piece of themselves to a property, whether this is through the way they have decorated or even a structural change or two.  Your home may have had a different use and evidence of this will be seen through quirky little features – there may be glorious period features that burst out of every corner, or a subtle nod to its past.


The heritage factor is extremely important when selling any property, yet it’s something that a lot of sellers fail to tap into.  Our fascination with our heritage is apparent in the popularity of TV programmes such as Who Do You Think You Are, Restoration Man and many more – we are certainly curious about our past. 


Buyers who respect a home’s history will be seeking one that has a wonderful story to tell.  They want to be a custodian, preserving the beauty of a property for many years to come.  But as much as their heart may long for your property, their head might have worries that you can help to ease.


Should your property be listed, you will have great insight into what that means and any conditions which may apply.  Not everyone will fully understand the differences when it comes to how listed buildings are graded and what that actually means, yet it is estimated that there are around 500,000 listed buildings on the National Heritage List for England (NHLE).  Of these, 91.7% are actually Grade II Listed, denoting buildings of special interest.


We know some listed property owners will have worked closely with their local conservation officer, and being able to pass on your wisdom to potential buyers will help them see past any preconceptions they may have and understand the realities of what owning your home would bring.


Never neglect the heritage factor when selling your home. Let us into your property’s secrets and share your expertise when it comes to your listing.  The more we can inform buyers and dismiss any misconceptions, the sooner we can get you moving.  If you have a period property to sell, contact our sales team today on 01223 811101.