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The best way to get ready for Christmas – decluttering

If you’re anything like us, your home could always benefit from some decluttering, especially around Christmas. The festive period doesn’t just mean more stuff for the children, the whole family suddenly have new things that will need a home, but where do you start?


You’ll probably notice your space being increasingly taken up by gifts that you have purchased for others, but as you start to give these out they will be replaced by gifts for you. To ensure that you have a home for these new items, you will need to declutter. It’s time to be brave and be brutal as you tackle these four key areas:


Delete your decorations

Christmas decorations can tend to get out of hand. Every year you’re lured into buying the new trend, or maybe you just fancy a change. But often we don’t get rid of the old or unused decorations; instead, they just get put back in the box or left in the attic. Keep your décor simple yet stylish by decluttering these unused and unwanted decorations, you may find that your local schools, nursing homes or churches can find a use for these rather than throwing them out.

If your property is on the market, it’s worth keeping your decorations to a minimum so that you don’t overwhelm potential buyers and show off every feature of each room.


Contain your clothes

Now that your summer clothes are packed away and your wardrobe is filled with thick jumpers and winter boots, you need to ask yourself: how much of this do I actually wear? Before you buy a new outfit for your Christmas party or invest in a new winter coat, you should declutter your wardrobe.

For most of us, clothes are the hardest items to declutter, but it must be done and you may even earn some money from it. There are several sites and apps that allow you to easily upload your clothes to sell online, or you can choose to donate them to your local charity shop.


Tackle the toys

How many of you think that your child has too many toys, and then boom, Christmas comes along and they have even more! Tackling the toy problem can be hard when decluttering; you need to make a decision of whether you include your child in this process and allow them to choose which toys go, and explain that other children can benefit from them – or, simply do it while they’re out and hope that they don’t notice!

Once you’ve decided which toys are no longer used you can sell them, donate them to a local nursery or hospital, or give them to charity.


Forgotten food

When was the last time that you went through your kitchen cupboards? You will be surprised by the amount of food that is no longer in date or simply not used. Throw away out of date items or donate unwanted food to your local food bank and free up some space for the big Christmas shop.

More cupboard space means that you can also store kitchen accessories away rather than leaving them on show on your countertops, this helps to keep your kitchen looking tidy and more appealing to potential buyers if you’re selling.


If you’re hoping to get your property on the market, we hope our decluttering tips have helped you, as well as uncovering more space for you and your family this Christmas.

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