Tell-tale signs it’s time to sell your home

Deciding to sell your home is a huge decision, one which may come easily to you or may be something you’ve been pondering the pros and cons of for months.  Yet there could be a particular moment or sign that helps you to push forward with the sale.  At Redmayne Miller Rees, we’ve put together some of the most common tell-tale signs our clients have told us were the deciding factors when selling their home.


How much?


Your neighbours have recently sold their home and you have been completely shocked by the sale price.  You may not have expected that your property has risen in value at such a rate, so to test the water you decide to have your home valued. 


Before you raise your expectations, be realistic – what does their property offer that yours does too, or perhaps doesn’t?  How many bedrooms does your neighbour’s home have?  What is the condition of the property, and how has it been presented?  Many factors come into play when valuing a property and you may find that estate agents offer you a higher or lower expected sale price as a result.


The space decision


Too much or too little space is one of the most common reasons why people decide to move home.  Their property doesn’t provide them with what they need right now – they could be bursting out of every seam, or rattling around with rooms left unused.  It can sometimes be an emotional decision to move for this reason, due to the countless memories your home holds for you and your family. 


Bored now!


Strange as this may seem, sometimes we just grow bored of our home.  You could desire a change of scenery or want to try living in a completely different style of property.  Should this be you, we know that we need to find you something exciting, a property that sparks your interest immediately, and when we do you’ll be on the move.


High maintenance


The style of property you own may make it high maintenance, perhaps due to its stunning landscape gardens, or a growing list of repairs.  As much as this may have been fine in the past, you now wish to spend your spare cash on travelling and you see the property becoming a drain on your resources.  It’s not unusual for sellers to come to us in this position, and we love hearing about the adventures they want to embark on as soon as they have found a property that gives them back some freedom.


A word of warning


Never make a snap decision to sell your home. Research the property market and have a look at the types of properties available in your budget.  Also come and have a chat to a member of our sales team, we can talk you through the entire process so you know what to expect down the line. 


Only you can tell if it’s the right time to sell your home – we’re here to make the journey from your old to your new a smooth one.