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Six ways to make your kerb appeal pop!

When it comes to getting your home ready for sale you may, like most people, have spent all your time and energy on your home’s interior.  But what will grab a person’s attention at first sight is how it looks from the exterior or kerb side, and you can make your property’s kerb appeal pop by adding some colour.


  1. Front door


Your front door is the focal point of your exterior, just as a fireplace is of a living room.  Our eyes are instantly drawn to it and, as such, it can say a lot about your abode.  A front door that looks tired and dated is not going to give buyers a great first impression.   Colour can bring your house to life, but it can also be off-putting, so you need to choose a shade that complements your home’s period, style and colour. 


  1. Boundary


You may have some kind of boundary between your property and your neighbours, this could be fencing or even shrubs.  Shrubs are a great way to add colour to the front of your property, but make sure that they are maintained and lusciously green, and don’t look like they are taking over.


When it comes to fencing, make sure it is looking its best with a fresh coat of paint or stain.  Try and keep your colours in-keeping with the rest of the exterior so it doesn’t distract from where your want their eyes drawn to: the welcome your front door gives.


  1. Planting


Although we have been blessed with some warmer days, we know that colder weather is round the corner.  This doesn’t mean that your outside space has to look as dreary as the weather.  There are a number of seasonal flowers that you can add to planters and beds to add some colour. 


Non-flowering plants can also be colourful too, and are a great way to spice up your garden. Many of these are low maintenance, which is music to the ears of those who are not blessed with green fingers.


  1. Lighting


One thing you shouldn’t forget is your exterior lighting. Not only will this make your home easier to find on a dark and miserable night, it also makes it more inviting.  The light itself adds colour, but don’t forget you can add some little splashes throughout your front garden too. 


  1. No excuses


“But I don’t have a big outside space!”  Every home can have kerb appeal that pops, regardless of the amount of space.  It is amazing how a couple of beautiful tubs with flowers or, for example, a pair of olive trees can transform your home.  A hanging basket or a window box are a simple way of adding some colour to even the smallest of exteriors.


  1. Added extras


It is often the little details that can make the biggest impression – a good quality doormat, newly cleaned paving, and a clearly visible house number.  Each of these will add another layer to your property’s exterior palette. 


Make your home the standout property on the street with our kerb appeal-popping tips.  For more advice on how to catch buyers’ attention, contact our sales team on 01223 811101.