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Six essential things to do before selling your home

You’ve made the decision to sell and you’re probably itching to get the sign up and viewings started.  But there is more to selling your home than just placing it on the market, especially if you want to achieve the highest possible price.  It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get these six essential things done to ensure your house is ready for sale.


  1. Get organised


Less is definitely more when it comes to selling your home, and one thing most of us have is lots of the ‘more’.  We all keep things in our attics, garages, cupboards for a rainy day, for sentimental reasons, and sometimes just because we have forgotten it’s there.  Moving home is the time for a great sort out so you can start to de-clutter every room.  An organised home is more appealing to buyers and will make moving a whole lot easier, too.


  1. On the mend


From loose handles to a wobbly fence, we all have odd jobs that we’ve been putting off or ignoring.  You will be surprised how the little things can have a significant impact on a buyer’s decision, as they wonder if these small things are hinting at larger issues.  Don’t give them any opportunity to have doubts and get everything mended.


  1. Freshen up


Every home can start to look tired over time, as marks naturally appear on walls and cupboards and floors.  It’s time to freshen up your décor – even if you don’t think there is a need to completely repaint, make sure you touch up those areas that need a bit of TLC.  Don’t forget to give some attention to your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.


  1. No hiding place


Once all your jobs have been finished you need to give your home a complete spring clean. Make sure you don’t neglect your appliances and cupboards because when it comes to viewings there is no hiding place.  Buyers are naturally nosy, and why wouldn’t they be when they’re looking to see if your house could be their home.  They will open doors and peer into fridges and you don’t want them having a fright!


  1. Check the smell


Smells?  There are a number of scents that can be off-putting for buyers and we don’t want buyers leaving early as a result.  Cleaning can help eradicate some aromas, such as those left by pets, but be careful about trying to mask any smells with strong scented plug-ins as these can often be overpowering and unforgiving.


  1. Don’t forget


It’s not all about your interior, you must also make the same effort with your outside spaces.  The first impression your home makes on buyers will be based on its kerb appeal; win them over here, and they will enter your home excited and full of anticipation.  If you fail to grab them from the start your viewing will start on the back foot and your home will have a hill to climb.


Are you ready?


When all the essential things are done and you’re ready to sell, we’ll be ready to get you results and help you move as quickly as possible.  To find out the true value of your home, give our sales team a call today on 01223 811101.