How Instagram can help you sell your home

Since its conception, Instagram has grown rapidly, its purpose to allow us to explore and take a peek into people’s lives through striking imagery.  With people using filters and various tools to enhance their images, many tricks are used to grab an audience’s attention and to encourage engagement.   


When it comes to presenting your home for sale, you want it looking its absolute best.  You want the photos of your property to make a potential buyer stop swiping and start delving deeper into what your home provides.  Your home should look ‘Instagram-ready’, so much so that buyers can’t help but want to organise a viewing. So what tips can you learn from Instagram to help sell your home?


Warm not cold décor


You will have probably already heard the advice that you should seek to create a neutral décor throughout your home when you place it on the market.  The reasoning is simple: it allows a buyer to start imagining what they would do to your property without being distracted by your own tastes. 


But neutral doesn’t mean boring, or one shade throughout every inch of your home.  There are many neutral shades, from whites to greys, and you can even add a rich warm tone to an accent wall provided it doesn’t overpower the room.  The warmer your home feels, the more welcoming it becomes, making it harder for buyers to leave.


Curate your furniture


There is a distinct mindset shift you need to instigate when you decide to sell your home. Yes, it’s where you live, but it’s also a property for sale.  As such, you need to present it in a way that will attract buyers and this could conflict with the way you live in the short term.  You want to curate the furniture and furnishings in each room to give each space a clear identity – too much furniture can make a space feel smaller, too little and it has no personality.


Lighting is important


Many Instagram influencers use additional lighting when taking their photos. Why?  Because it can make a huge difference to the final image.  By ensuring your windows are all spotless and opening your curtains and blinds, you will allow a wealth of natural light to flood into every room in your home.  Don’t forget the role that atmospheric lighting can play, so place warm bulbs in your lamps and make sure they are all switched on for a viewing.


Don’t forget to dress


We would always recommend that you introduce vignettes to help tell the story of your home.  Vignettes are little scenes that make a room or space feel more appealing.  You will have seen them used constantly in house and home magazines where, for example, a few decorative pieces are placed on a table or shelf.  These vignettes or scenes draw a buyer into a space and give them a more emotional viewing experience.


Is it Instagrammable?


As you start to prepare each room for placing your home on the market, ask yourself: would you be willing to share a photograph of the space on Instagram?  When you have a truly Instagrammable home, then you know that you have created something wonderful that will attract potential buyers.  Then sit back and let us do the rest and your home will soon be sold.


For more advice on how to prepare your home for sale, contact our sales team at Redmayne Miller Rees.