Eight deposit saving cleaning tips for tenants

You’ve made your rental property your home for the period of your tenancy, but now you’ve made the decision to move.  It’s only natural that your thoughts are now turning to where you’re moving to rather than where you’re living now, but things can often be missed when you say goodbye to a home.  We want to ensure you have no issues getting your deposit back, which is why we have put this little guide together with reminders and cleaning tips.


  1. Don’t wait


As soon as you know you’re going to move, you need to get started on your cleaning.  You will be surprised how long it takes to pack and clean effectively.  Make sure you do a deep clean to start with, that way, you’ll only need to give it a once over before you leave.


  1. Appliances matter


One of the things that people check when viewing a property is appliances. They will have a nosey in your fridge, peer inside your oven and peruse your washing machine.  Any odours or grime will turn them off, and giving them a clean is what’s needed for your inventory check too.


  1. Dust away the cobwebs


When it comes to dusting there can be no excuses. High or low, every surface needs a dust and cobwebs removed.  One place some tenants miss is inside light fittings as well as skirting boards, so make a note to put these on your list.


  1. Bathroom blitz


Bathrooms need to be spotless and smelling fresh.  There are an abundance of products on the market – check out some tips from the Instagram sensation Mrs Hinch.  Did you know that you can bring back the shine on surfaces and fixtures by rubbing them over with half a lemon?


  1. Sparkling windows


You may already have a window cleaner keeping the external windows thoroughly cleaned, but it’s just as important to keep the inside looking as spotless as possible.


  1. Wear and tear


No matter how carefully you’ve been looking after your rental it’s normal for there to be signs of wear and tear.  You can do your bit to minimise these by cleaning marks off walls and furniture.  Should your property be furnished, check your inventory to ensure that any furnishings are in the same condition as they were at the start of your tenancy.


  1. Professional help


If there’s one area where it’s advisable to seek professional help, it’s with your carpets.  It’s amazing how a professional clean can completely transform not only the colour, but also the condition of your carpets.  By removing stains and lifting threads, you will be returning your property with its carpets in the best condition possible.


  1. Inside and out


It’s easy to spend all your efforts on the inside of your home, but it’s also your responsibility to maintain the outside.  Spend an afternoon removing weeds and generally giving it a spring clean, the results will be worth it.


The inventory you received at the start of your tenancy is the most important document to refer to before you leave your home.  It provides detail on the condition of the property, so it enables you to go through and check that you’ve done the best you can to return the property to the same or an even higher standard. 


Don’t let cleaning hinder your success of having your deposit returned.  If you would like more advice on deposit-saving tips, contact our lettings team, who will be happy to advise you.