Don’t neglect those green fingers when renting

You have found a home. The interior gives you everything you were looking for and, on the plus side, you even have your own private outside space.  It may have a luscious green lawn, decorated with a selection of flower beds, or finished with a number of potted plants.  Regardless of the size or design of your garden or even balcony, the responsibility for keeping it looking beautiful is yours.  Therefore it’s essential that you don’t neglect those green fingers when renting a property.

Concern has been raised in recent years by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) over the growing number of landlords unwilling to invest in their gardens and the tenants who then neglect them.  We are lucky enough to live in such a beautiful area of England, and your garden is an extension of your property.

Surely when you arrive home from a stressful day you want to see a property whose exterior looks as beautiful as what awaits as you walk through the front door.  Gardening and maintaining your outside space doesn’t have to be expensive and it also gives you a sense of pride in where you live.  Think of how rewarding it feels when you have finished cleaning and tidying a room; the same can be said for taking care of your garden.

Spring is approaching and if we have a summer like last year, your barbeque could be working overtime and you will be wanting to have a place to entertain outside.  Do you want your friends drinking their gin in an overrun jungle, or do you want them to be relaxing in a colourful haven? 

Gardening can be fun and it can also work for you, should you decide to start growing your own selection of fruit and vegetables. 

Sadly, many tenants forget that when their tenancy agreement states to return the property in the condition they found it, this also extends to the garden.  We don’t want you to lose your deposit because you’re neglecting to get your fingers green.  It isn’t just maintaining your garden that’s important, but also keeping your eyes open for any unwanted plants.

Although it’s not your responsibility to get rid of invasive plants such as Japanese Knotweed, your landlord would be grateful for your warning should it be found.  Essentially a weed, it spreads quickly, suppressing all other plant growth in its wake. 

Creating an exterior that you are proud of will help in giving you a sense of home.  We know that you are probably looking for a rental property not for the short term but a place that you can make your own for the foreseeable future.  Putting your personal stamp on your garden or balcony will make the summer more enjoyable and give you a fantastic space to enjoy the sunshine, so don’t ignore those green fingers.

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