Tenants on holiday? How to keep your property safe

The trains will be packed, coaches fully booked, traffic jams a given. As the festive season gets closer, thousands of people will be travelling far and wide to spend time with their families and friends.  But as this wonderful season brings people together it also can leave empty homes that are vulnerable to opportunists.  So how can you keep your property safe and ensure this season is filled only with joy?

A little bit of magic

With long dark nights, it will be easy to spot those homes that are left in the dark because no one is home.  Simply putting timers on some of the internal lights can ensure that your property looks alive; you could even invest in a television simulator light for a more authentic touch.

A touch of sparkle

You don’t want to have the only house on the street with no Christmas spirit, so encourage your tenants to also add a timer to their outdoor lights.  But if they have decided not to decorate as they will be away, why not do it for them?  A little bit of effort could be well worth it to help keep your property safe.

Everybody needs good neighbours

No matter if your area has a Neighbourhood Watch or not, it is worth letting them know that your tenants will be away.  They will be able to keep an eye on anything they think is suspect, but they may also help by giving the illusion that your tenants are in residence by putting bins out.  If possible, see if they can even open and close your curtains to keep up the pretence.

Don’t make it easy

Burglaries tend to be spur of the moment crimes, so don’t make it easy for them by leaving valuables on display.  If your rental doesn’t have blinds, it may be worth investing in some to reduce visibility.  Ask your tenants to hide their special items, such as jewellery, precious mementos, and those expensive electronic gadgets, and never leave money or keys lying around. 

Double checks

With so many things to remember, ensuring all the presents are packed and rushing to make it to their destination on time, it’s no wonder that your tenants may have forgotten to lock every door or window.  If you know your tenants are going away, see if they will allow you access, not just to double check everything is secure, but also so you can keep an eye on any potential issues, such as frozen pipes to prevent leaks.


We can’t stress enough how important it is to tell your tenants not to announce their travel arrangements across social media, especially on those channels that are open to a public audience.  This is just advertising that your property will be empty, and we’re sure that neither of you want an unwelcome visitor in your home.

Rees Associates want you and your tenants to have a safe and pleasurable Christmas and New Year.  If you are not able to assist your tenants in keeping your property secure, contact a member of our team who may be able to help.